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Vampires, Chapter One - Sopho Kobidze

Vampires, chapter one

The photobook features portraits of three different people who are connected to one another through one particular trait.

Photobook by Sopho Kobidze

Cast: Nathalie Kalandadze, Anna Kobakhidze, Elene Shatberashvili

Graphic design: Elene Gabrichidze

2023, Tbilisi

Sopho Kobidze is Tbilisi based Artist. Her main working mediums are painting, drawing, photography and installation. Besides she works on production design. She’s one of the founders of multidisciplinary art organization Obscura.

Her recent solo and group exhibitions are: ‘Exchange of Words’, Obscura, Tbilisi 2022,’La Pyramide de Ponzi’ Galerie Valerie Delaunaz, Paris, France 2022, ‘Writing with Color’ CCA_T 2022, ‘Each Flower’ Maudi, Tbilisi 2021



Tbilisi, Amaghleba street 19


+995 577 90 99 99



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