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Sheep And Stones

Gallery 4710 is delighted to invite you to the opening of the group exhibition, "Sheep and Stones," scheduled to open on February 10 and run until March 27.

This exhibition brings together the works of Georgian artists spanning various generations, including Tato Akhalkatsishvili, Lia Bagrationi, Parmen Daushvili, Irakli Mereli, Tornike Robakidze, Mari Kalabegashvili, and The Situationist.

“Sheep and Stones” is a shot captured once. Grazing sheep seamlessly merge with volcanic stones, creating an absurd illusion of inexplicable image of dualism which manifests in contrast between spiritual and mundane, ordinary and extraordinary, factual and mystical, sheep and stones.The dualism portrayed becomes a metaphor for the exhibition itself, as it goes beyond a singular emphasis on either sheep or stones.

The exhibition explores the theme of the absurd and its normative implications as well as observing, embracing and engaging with it. Each individual's understanding and perception contribute to a unique perspective, as absurdity is an integral part of daily life, we can acknowledge its presence everywhere and turn it into collective substance of consciousness.

Performed through various mediums by Georgian artists spanning different generations, the exhibition aims to showcase how these artists perceive the world and reflect on everyday, even mundane, aspects of life. By presenting their works in a shared space, the exhibition seeks to illustrate the diverse perspectives and interpretations of the world around them .

This is not just an exhibition; it is an exploration, an invitation to unravel the intricacies of

our existence and find solace in the profound absurdity that unites us all.

The inspiration behind the exhibition, as well as its title is a video captured in Javakheti, which you can see it within the text.

Curated by: Nini Darchia



Tbilisi, Amaghleba street 19


+995 577 90 99 99



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