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Anabzini on the ice lake

4710 Gallery is delighted to announce the second solo show of Merab

Gugunashvili, titled “Anabzini on the Ice Lake." This exhibition features the artist's

most recent creations, showcasing a collection of artworks that were created

specifically for this event.

"Anabzini" is a Georgian word that signifies the reflection of the sun or the radiant

rays of the sun.

The exhibition highlights an array of ceramic pieces and materials, encompassing

diversity in the form of white and red clay, fireclay, black fireclay, and porcelain.

This series include seven sculptures, one wall installation as an object, and five

ceramic paintings.

"Anabzini on the Ice Lake" delves into the inner essence of individuals, exploring

their experiences in a world where complex socio-political information is wielded

by the system as a formidable weapon, potentially leading individuals to forfeit

their own sense of identity.

The accumulated stress experienced throughout the years can leave an individual

feeling as if they are trapped in a psychological vacuum like an obedient,

conditioned creature, making it challenging to reflect both external influences and

self-reflection. Many individuals often perceive themselves as independent, yet

they become part of the collective, immersed in the routine of everyday existence.

They've been led to believe that they possess the freedom to make their own

choices, only to realise that these choices have already been influenced and

predetermined by the system.

The pieces featured in the exhibition serve as questions rather than definitive

statements. They act as illustrations, capturing those uncommon, pristine, and

captivating moments of revelation. They prompt you to acknowledge when

something feels awry, or conversely, or a moment when a brilliant truth suddenly

becomes apparent, asserting its existence with paths to follow and answers that

may not yet be within your grasp at this stage.

The shackles are loosened, the clothes come off, and metamorphosis begins.

Humanity should engage with the collective consciousness, embracing both

personal and universal freedom, a concept we commonly refer to.

The exhibition is set to open on Saturday, November 11, and it will run until

December 24.

Opening: November 11, 18:00 – 20:00



Tbilisi, Amaghleba street 19


+995 577 90 99 99



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