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One Tree Forest

Gallery 4710 presents group show ‘One Tree Forest’.

Opening on Saturday, 18th February

Exhibition will last until 26th of March.

‘This exhibition is not about trees, it’s about humans. If you think about it, it’s difficult to find a better metaphor for human in nature.’

Andria Dolidze


Esma Oniani

Guram Tsibakhasvhili

Karlo Katcharava

Keta Gavasheli

Tato Akhalkhatsishvili

At the very beginning, we should clarify that this exhibition is not about trees, it is about humans. And we can consider each tree shown in the exhibition as a human metaphor.

If you think about it, it's hard to find a better metaphor for man in nature.

This exhibition is about humans. About their footsteps and the road ahead. About their conscious and unconscious actions and the consequences that they bring and bring.

This exhibition is about a man who cuts down a tree and has no good reason to do so. He cuts down himself, but he doesn't know it. When he finds out, - if he finds out, only firewood and the stump will be left from the tree.

This exhibition wants to make a human think, about a human. To see oneself from the outside and at the same time, to look inside oneself.

This exhibition wants to talk to a person, to show them what others have said, to let them listen to it or to have them read it as a poem.

This exhibition wants to create an environment where a person can be alone with ones-self;

And when it happens, this exhibition wants to address the person - directly, familiarly, as if it has known them for a long time.

This exhibition is a poem itself, a free verse, - to be read alone and silently, or aloud and clearly. A poem about you and dedicated to you.

Exhibition concept and text: Ana Gabelaia

Curated by: Ana Gabelaia; Nini Darchia



Tbilisi, Amaghleba street 19


+995 577 90 99 99



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