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Everything by Trinity

The gallery has been worked with Mariam Saknelashvili since 2020, and during this period the artist worked in the gallery's residential studio. Mariam is a second-year student of French philology and a self-taught artist.

Mariam Saknelashvili is a multimedia artist, although she mainly works with watercolors on paper. Her art is inspired by traditional Georgian wall painting, illustration aesthetics and elements of the horror genre. Her works are saturated with the dynamics of the narrative, the development of the plot and the tension of the suspended time.

The artist was preparing for the exhibition "Everything by Trinity" for several months, and the presented works were specially created for the show. In addition to the traditional materials typical of the artist, the exhibition will also feature ceramic works, which she worked on for the first time.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, December 10th and will continue until the January 15th



Tbilisi, Amaghleba street 19


+995 577 90 99 99



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