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მთვარის ყელსაბამი

Gallery 4710 is pleased to present the group exhibition „Moon Necklace“.

About Exhibition

The show features five artists from different generations and showcases their recent works in a variety of mediums.

"Moon Necklece" responds to a new order of the world, that has changed dramatically recently.

The exhibition presents both figurative and abstract works and only blurs the line between the last surreal and the real as a metaphorical form of loss.

Participating artists:

  • Leila Shelia

  • Nino Kvrivishvili

  • Salome Chigilashvili

  • Tornike Robakidze

  • Teimuraz eristavi

The exhibition will last until the end of July.



Tbilisi, Amaghleba street 19


+995 577 90 99 99



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